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Rubik’s Cube Patterns


If you have solved the Rubik’s cube (3x3x3) and now are completely bored, then you could try to make these five different patterns with your Rubik’s cube. This website includes full instructions (pictures) on how to make the five different patterns for Rubik’s Cube.

Or you can try to make much more Rubik’s Cube patterns (30+). Only here they used the cube notation to show you how to make all patterns for your Rubik’s Cube. Happy Puzzling!

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Orb-A-Licious – Online Puzzle Game


Orb-A-Licious is some kind of multi-variant of Lights Out.

The goal of Orb-A-Licious is to turn all orbs blue. There are eight game boards with forty orbs on each. To turn orbs blue , select a red orb that borders a blue orb. The orb you select will turn blue, as will all the red orbs surrounding it.

The eight squares above the game grid are indicators that represent each of the eight game boards. As the number of blue and red orbs on each game board change, so will the color of the corresponding [Read More...]

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CluedUp – Interactive Puzzle Club


Telegraph Media Group (TMG) has launched CluedUp, an interactive club on (TCUK) for the dedicated puzzler.

The new site will incorporate the Telegraph’s existing Crossword Society, now in its seventh year, and will offer an expanded and innovative online community with more than 10,000 members.

If you consider yourself a puzzle aficionado, CluedUp offers you the chance to compete for cash prizes and access the impressive archive of Telegraph crosswords. Each week, CluedUp will offer over fifty new puzzles, including the widely popular General Knowledge puzzle from The Daily Telegraph Saturday edition and the recently launched Toughie. The [Read More...]

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99 Bricks – Online Puzzle Game


99 Bricks is a brand new physics based puzzle game by WeirdBeard.

Object is to build the highest tower with 99 (Tetris look-a-like) Bricks at your disposal. Use the arrow keys to move your brick. Up key or space bar rotates the brick, ‘c’ key discards the current brick, ‘z’ key can be used to zoom out. ‘p’ key brings up the in-game menu.

You can submit your score from the in-game menu at any time. Happy Puzzling!


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Snake Maze – Online Puzzle Game


Snake Maze is a simple online Flash Puzzle game by Fupa.

Snake Maze is a free online puzzle game with simple graphics and increasingly tough mazes. There are eight episodes, and forty levels to solve. Beat them all, or create your own mazes with the level editor. Happy Puzzling!

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The irRegular Game Of Life – Online Puzzle Game


The irRegular Game of Life is an unusual puzzle game based on Conway’s famous “game of life” (not to be confused with Milton Bradley’s Board Game). Be amazed by the fascinating grid patterns that evolve from 4 simple cell rules.

The game of life is a two dimensional cellular automaton. Which was devised by British Mathematician John Conway in 1970. It’s not a game in the video game sense, but consists of a 2D grid of cells. Cells in the grid follow a few simple mathematical rules that determine whether they will live, die [Read More...]

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Totomi – Online Puzzle Game


Totomi is an online Flash puzzle game also soon available for iPhone and other mobile devices with Java.

Totomi is an addictive and cheerful totem-building puzzle action game. Object is to feed and breed animals to make your totem higher, stack up score and clear levels that introduce more and more animal species. My first try gave me 12223 points and listed me as 5th on the leader board but probably you can do much better. Happy Puzzling!


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