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Link Up is a simple, yet challenging game, where the objective of the game is to link four or more pieces on a board in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Once linked, these linked pieces are then removed from the board. The game is turn based and on each turn the player moves a piece to try and link-up with existing pieces. More pieces are added to the board after each turn and the game is over when the player can no longer link-up pieces.

– Multiple themes including Underwater, Jungle and Dungeon. Can you unlock the other themes?
– Each theme has its own set of unique graphics and sounds.
– Special pieces to help you stay in the game as long as possible.
– Timed pieces to fluster and panic – once the timer reaches zero the piece becomes dead.
– Dead pieces to obstruct and frustrate.
– 5 difficulty levels ranging from Beginner to Xtreme.
– Two methods of game control; drag and drop, touch and go.
– Hall of Fame.
– Persistent game state, quit and come back at any time.
– Multiple game saves – try out different strategies.

Meyume has added videos channel on YouTube (Tip Station) which will help you get maximum score and enjoyment from the game.

You can download Link Up via App Store.

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