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Dutchman Fred Vonk updated his free online version of Rush Hour. In the latest version all 160 original games are implemented from the original Rush Hour card set 1,2,3 & 4.

As you probably already know you have to free the red car from the game grid by dragging and dropping the other cars and trucks out of the way. You can drag and drop all cars and trucks out of the way. Select a card set and a game in the overview at the bottom and play. The minimum required moves per game are indicated together with your score and total.

For puzzle lovers who like the original Rush Hour puzzle game there is now ThinkFun Rush Hour Ultimate Collector’s Edition. This version comes complete with a raised game board, parking spaces for the cars and trucks, a billboard to hold the challenge being played, a storage drawer for all of the challenges and an exit ramp. The sleek, new look keeps players solving challenge after challenge in style. It features one red hero car, one limousine, eleven cars, and four trucks, one parking lot traffic grid, instructions, and 155 challenge cards, solutions included.

Happy Puzzling!

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