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Closure a brilliant puzzle game presented as a platforme game.

The all-important unique device: if it isn’t lit up, it doesn’t exist. It’s an extremely smart idea. Orbs of light can be picked up and carried, or placed in moving devices, such that areas of the level are lit. If it can’t be seen, it isn’t there. So if there’s a wall in front of you, get past it by casting it into the shadows. Darkness is a tool.

New orb types appear later on, along with locked doors and keys, and various new tasks. But what makes the game more than a new gimmick is the intelligent application. You are asked to rethink how you platform with this new device in mind, and in no way handheld. In fact, you’re going to have to embrace its ideas to start the thing at all. There are in total 30 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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