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Figure Ground is a unique new online puzzle game by Ian Gilman.

The screen displays two grids (labeled Puzzle and Goal) filled with squares of different colors. The object is to rearrange squares or groups of squares in the Puzzle to match the pattern in the Goal grid.

In scenarios with squares of more than two colors, each of the different types uncover each other in a cyclical order. Once a piece has been dragged into overlapping or edge-to-edge contact with another piece of the same type, they permanently fuse.

There are several levels like:
– Ocean, “White Center” The board has squares of two types (white and black), but only the black squares can be moved. When a black piece is moved, it uncovers white squares.
– Desert, “Three Colors” The board has squares of three different colors.
– Mountain, “Four Colors” The board has squares of four different colors.
– Sky, “Two Colors” The board has squares of only two different colors as in the Ocean level, but now both colors can be moved.

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