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Super Stacker 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Super Stacker is back with the sequel of the well known online puzzle game Super Stacker.

Super Stacker is now back with 40 new levels, 4 speed runs, a stack editor, revamped graphics and much more. Can you stack the shapes without any falling off the screen?

Your stack must survive ten seconds or until the shapes feel happy that they won’t to fall. Happy Puzzling!


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Pixel Harvest – Online Puzzle Game


Pixel Harvest is a nice variant of Color Box puzzle game.

In order to become a successful pixel harvester you must plant pixel within the available cross grid of buckets. Each day you may plant a single row or column of red, blue or yellow pixels. It’s possible to mix life pixels together in order to create bonus pixels.

The pixels, when sold, have various effects that increase your efficiency as a harvester. Once you have planted sufficient number of pixels it will become necessary to take them to the market. This will [Read More...]

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Perfect Balance – Online Puzzle Game


Perfect Balance is a new great physics based puzzle game by Kongregate.

Object is to try to achieve perfect balance by rotating and stacking Tetris like shapes. There are 80 levels to solve. [via Microsiervos] Happy Puzzling!

Update : don’t forget to play Perfect Balance 2 and Perfect Balance : New Trails

Update 2 : Check out Perfect Balance 3


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The New Switcheroo – Online Puzzle Game


The New Switcheroo is yet another variant of LightsOut.

With a smaller game grid (3×3) and some extras, each button has a symbol which depicts which buttons will change. The goal is to turn all button colors into the same color. Pressing a button enacts the change. The change can be to color, position or symbol. Happy Puzzling!


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Grid – Online Puzzle Game


Grid is an interesting online Flash puzzle game by CandyStand.

The object of Grid is to create a power flow to supply power to all Glyphs in the game grid. Power is emitted from a single power station and shown as a visible pulse. Power flow is created by rotating Glyphs by clicking on them so that their connections link one another to the power station.

Only a puzzle that has all Glyphs powered and all connections used is considered solved. There are 35 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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Interactive Giant Sudoku’s


Last month I already wrote about Giant Sudoku’s and suggested them to make the Sudoku’s not only printable format but available online.

Well at Giant Sudoku’s they have been very active and created some interactive versions of their Sudoku’s (4×4 to 36×36 and 9×9 Wordoku’s). You can not solve the puzzles online but the only application you’ll need is Microsoft Excel.

All other formats of Giant Sudoku’s are still online (like 16×16, 25×25, 36×36, 49×49, 64×64, 81×81 and 100×100, so Sudoku’s with grids from 256 to 10000 cells). Happy Puzzling!


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