Available from March 2009 is this (offically licensed by Rubik’s) Salt and Pepper mills. They are produced as a tribute to the world’s most addictive – and some would say annoying, puzzle. The iconic 80′s gadget is brought to life here as a kitchen condiment dispenser!

Each cube is exactly the same size as an authentic Rubik’s Cube – 2.24 inches cubed! Sit the mills down next to the real thing and you won’t be able to tell between them – only difference with these cubes is you can’t play them! The Rubik’s Cube mills are built around a durable ceramic mill that grinds various courseness salt & peppercorns. And so only the top layer of the cube rotates to operate the mill and grind the salt & pepper. The salt mill has a white top and the pepper mill has a red top so you can easily tell the difference between the two cubes.

The mills comes packaged in a sleek cardboard box which doubles as a stand for the mill. Each box has a triangle cut out of the top so you can rest your cube in it – just like you can with the real thing!

- Salt and pepper mills in shape of a Rubik’s Cube,
- Durable ceramic mill,
- Grind various courseness salt and peppercorns,
- Same size as actual Rubik’s cube,
- Officially licensed by Rubik’s.

Dimensions: 2.24 inches cubed and costs £11.99 / €12.87/ $17.50 via GiftMonger.com

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