Mechanical Puzzles : Krystalledron, Cubedron and Icosedron

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A new type of mechanical puzzles has been invented (and patented) by Greek-Australian Pantazis Constantine Houlis. Unlike traditional twisty puzzles (like Rubik’s cube), these are based on gravity. Pyramids are placed inside a sphere, and the sphere keeps the 3D-shape defined by the pyramids, intact. The goal is to shift around the pyramids until all the corners or the sides of the 3D-shape have the same color.

This is one of a series of puzzles which were presented at the Hong Kong Toy Fair (January 2009) and the Nuremberg Toy Fair (February 2009), and had impressed many people. This new generation of puzzles will be available from Singapore based MindStrat Puzzles in the next couple of months.

There are three different video’s available at YouTube
Krystalledron (crystal version)
Cubedron (classic version)
Icosedron (crystal version)

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