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Pathem is a word puzzle game invented by game designer J.K.Cook.

Pathem is designed to be simple to learn and play, while still being engaging for hard-core puzzle fans, the topical puzzle can be played during a spare minute on the bus or for hours in your most comfortable chair. The effort was worth it as more and more people are discovering how fun and addictive Pathem puzzles are.

It’s easy to pick up the basics of Pathem. Just fill in the grid with letters to spell the “word” required in a single continuous path. Spell the “word” in the grid above it in a continuous, horizontal, vertical or diagonal path from square to square. Each letter will appear only once in the grid, but may be visited multiple times along the spelling path. There may be more than one correct solution.

Difficulty levels range from one star (easy/beginner) to five stars (genius). Start at lower levels to get used to the game and then work your way up to tougher levels. The more you play the better you get. Happy Puzzling!

UPDATE: Seven Pathem puzzle books are available from
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Famous People
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Famous Sayings
Pathem: the path word puzzle: The Movies
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Sports
Pathem: the path word puzzle: TV Shows
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Bible Puzzles
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Christmas Puzzles

You can try Pathem puzzles by downloading a special ‘print-n-play’ Pathem sampler puzzle book with 15 new puzzles in pdf format (approx 970kb).

Buy Pathem Word Puzzle Books from Happy Puzzling!

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