Fillomino Logic Puzzles (aka Polyominoes)

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Fillomino logic puzzles were designed by Japanese puzzle maker Nikoli famouse as they create all puzzles by hand without any computer, so you can sense the human touch. Fillomino is also known as Polyominous math puzzles which you can find on ‘A Cleverly-Tiled Logic Puzzle Blog’

The rules for Fillomino are simple and can be explained in four sentences:
1. Divide the grid into polyomino that satisfy the following rules.
2. Every number in the grid must be contained in a polyomino containing that quantity of squares.
3. No two polyomino containing the same quantity of squares may share an edge. (If every square were numbered according to the quantity of squares in its corresponding polyomino, no two identical numbers will ever be on opposite sides of an edge.)
4. A polyomino may contain one, more than one, or none of the numbers originally given.

Happy Puzzling!

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