I Can KenKen by Will Shortz

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A few months ago Will Shortz introduced KenKen math puzzles in th USA, now Will Shortz presents a KenKen puzzle book especially for kids (age 9-12) called “I Can KenKen! Puzzles for Having Fun with Math.

Not only are these KenKen puzzles fun but KenKen puzzles helps children improve concentration, logic and arithmetic skills. Children ages 9-12 have excelled in math and gained real-life problem solving skills all from playing a puzzle so engaging that it keeps them coming back for more. This first book of KenKen for Kids features:
– 75 easy all addition puzzles to get kids excited about KenKen
– Introduction and how to solve instructions from Marilyn Burns
– “Home and Classroom Guide for Parents and Teachers” by Ms. Burns

Will Shortz Presents I Can KenKen! Volume 1: 75 Puzzles for Having Fun with Math is available from Amazon for US$ 5.95. Happy Puzzling!

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