iKendu = KenKen for iPhone

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KenKen for your iPhone / iPod is called iKendu and you can download iKendu for free.

To solve an iKendu (KenKen) puzzle, you combine numbers in each bordered region with the given math operation to obtain the region’s given answer while not repeating any number in any row or column.

The first two iKendu puzzles will help you understand how it works, and you will soon be able to solve all 100 iKendu puzzles. iKendu comes with 10 Easy to Medium (3×3), 40 Medium to Hard (4×4), 40 puzzles Medium to Hard (5×5) and 10 Hard to Difficult (6×6) KenKen puzzles. Best about iKendu is the great user interface. Happy Puzzling!

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