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Bubble Spinner – Online Puzzle Game


Bubble Spinner is yet another variant of the world famous puzzle game Bubble Puzzle.

Your goal in Bubble Spinner is to clear all the bubbles from the game board scoring as many points as possible. You can remove balls by forming groups of three or more similarly colored balls. Aim with your mouse and click to shoot. Happy Puzzling!


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Fits – Puzzle Game by Ravensburger


Fits Game is a new family puzzle game by Ravensburger and is a puzzle game variant of Tetris.

Object is to skillfully fill in your playing board so that all the differently shaped tiles fit perfectly without leaving any spaces. If a piece doesn’t fit precisely, slot it in the best you can because the game is not over yet. The next tile may fit better than the last and make you the winner.

FITS is a lot of fast-paced fun puzzle game with just a few easy rules for non-stop entertainment. Happy Puzzling!

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Dottie – Online Puzzle Game


Dottie is an online maze game in which you need the ability to maneuver your mouse.

Object of Dottie is to guide the small dot through different levels full of labyrinths, but without touching the walls and other obstacles like rotating balls, sliding balls, mazes, expanding wire thingies, walls, windmills, rotating blocks, alternating blocks and much much more. Sometimes this seems very easy but soon you will realize Dottie is not as easy as it looks like. [via] Happy Puzzling!

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Civiballs – Online Puzzle Game


Civiballs is an easy but brain teasing physics puzzle game by

Object is to interact with the environment to get the balls to the correct place. Choose your country of civilization (Greece, Egypt or China) to play and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains. If you get stuck, you can just try another civilization. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle Name Stool


Puzzle Name Stool is personalised wooden Step Stools for your kids to help them teach to spell their own name.

Puzzle Name Stool features rounded, easy-to-fit edges and measures 16″Lx8″Hx8″D to 20″Lx8″Hx8″D (depending on name) to fit names up to eleven characters. Puzzle Name Stool is crafted of sturdy maple or ponderosa pine and non-toxic paint in primary or pastel colors, with smooth lacquer finish. Puzzle Name Stool is available from Amazon for US$44.95.

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Easter PloyGone


Easter PloyGone is a nice Easter themed puzzle game by

Object is to look all misaligned polygons that have been shifted out of position. Click with your mouse on all polygons and they will shift back into the correct position. You will get a time bonus points if you find all nine polygons on the image. Happy Puzzling!


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Xyonix – Online Puzzle Game


Xyonix is an online retro version of an old puzzle game like Tetris.

Object of Xyonix is to place all falling block so you have a solid horizontal line of block, as soon as you reach this these blocks will disappear. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks, press 1 to rotate the falling block. Happy Puzzling!


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