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A few days ago I finally received the Dodek Duo Puzzle from and made in the USA by the Dodek Puzzle Company.

The Dodek Duo Puzzle consists of twelve separate, sturdy plastic puzzle pieces that can be assembled to create a twelve-sided, regular dodecahedron. Magnetic elements inside the puzzle pieces snap the puzzle pieces into the correct position where they stay until a gentle force breaks the magnetic bonds.

Dodek Duo Puzzle can be solved in two different ways:
The first challenge is to assemble the twelve Dodek Duo puzzle pieces into a regular dodecahedron by matching colors across each of the thirty edges. Only one solution exists to the color challenge.
The second, more difficult game is to assemble the twelve Dodek Duo Puzzle pieces into the dodecahedron by matching the small inset geometric shapes across each of the thirty edges. The colors may or may not match. Focus only on the inset geometric shapes.

With a Dodek Duo Puzzle you have a good quality 3D puzzle with great colors (by using the additive color system). For me there is only one question left and that’s: ‘why is it called a Duo puzzle’ as for me both ways to solve puzzles are the same, the only difference is to use the shapes and non matching colors or only colors. As well for me the shapes solution is a more difficult than colors, but that’s just how my brain works and of course related to the number of solutions possible.

Dodek Duo Puzzle is also available from Happy Puzzling!

UPDATE (feedback received from Dodek Puzzle):
During development, we realized that the single solution for matching colors is not that difficult to find. We added the additional challenge of matching the inset shapes as a second, alternative puzzle (hence the “Duo” name). With three shapes to match instead of five colors, solving the shape challenge is much, much more difficult that solving the colors (even though multiple solutions for the shape challenge exist).

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