iHex Puzzle Game For iPhone

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iHex Puzzle is Tetris-like game that requires strategy, concentration and quick thinking. It uses the accelerometer very precisely to move your pieces into position.

This game has a huge learning curve that will keep you entertained for a long time. The speed increases gradually to push your senses to the limit. You’ll train your brain to make decisions faster and faster.

Goal is to explode as many hexagons as possible by carefully moving them (and turning them) to connect to their matching colors.

There are three Modes:
– Basic: Only uses the accelerometer. All you need to use is your wrist.
You simply twist your wrist to tilt your IiPhone or iPod touch to the left or to the right to guide the falling hexagons. Matching colors explode when they touch.

Duo: Same as basic, but you also need to turn the the hexagons in a way that the contact pins are connected.

Trio: A mode for the experts. You need to connect all pins of 3 hexagons of the same color to make them explode. [via AppShopper]. Happy Puzzling

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