Preposterous Puzzle

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Some of the joy of a puzzle is determining an effective strategy for solving it. However the Preposterous Puzzle makes us want to claim impossibility. At first glance you see a square completely filled with wooden pieces. then you are asked to insert a smaller square into the middle without removing any pieces.

Obviously there is just not enough space, but apparently no-one told the folks making this puzzle that it’s inherently flawed and unsolvable. But is it?

Put this on your desk and watch as your friends and co-workers cry foul on the Preposterous Puzzle. It silently taunts them and they refuse to open their minds. The all wood construction looks sharp while your puzzle silently snickers.

Product Features
– Clever Puzzle seems impossible to solve… but is it?
– Not too difficult once you open your mind to the possibility
– Taunt your friends and co-workers as they cry foul
– All wood construction

[via ThinkGeek] Happy Puzzling!

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