Virgin’s Day In The Cloud Challenge

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Remember crossword puzzles? Those delightful little grids of trivia fun that both validated your esoteric knowledge and made flight time pass quickly? Thanks to the ubiquity of iPods, and Amzon’s Kindle and in-flight WiFi, poor puzzles have withered into being an old man’s Sunday afternoon activity. But they’re back! Kind of!

On Wednesday June 24 2009, the Wifi-enabled fleet of Virgin America’s planes invite their passengers and those on the ground to whip out their critical thinking and put the credit cards away for a day of free puzzle challenges. It’s being called the “Day In the Cloud,” and although details are still fuzzy on exactly what sort of games we’ll be playing, they assure us that practice tasks will be shared beforehand.

As for the prizes for top scorers, they’re pretty sweet: things like a new HP netbook, 1 terabyte of Google Account storage, and a year of flying free on VA with complimentary WiFi. According to them, playing along will be simple as all you’ll need is “a net connection, a Google Account, and the warm, comforting glow of your computer screen.” Since we’ve long been devotees of good old in-flight puzzles, you know we’re game. Sign up now at the Day In The Cloud website. [via] Happy Puzzling!

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