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Iceblox – Tetris Ice Cube Puzzle Tray


Serving drinks with Tetris shaped ice-cubes is definitely going to get your guests to notice the drinks and have more of them.

You get funny puzzle-like cubes from this tray. Use it to freeze water or any other drink your like. This ice-cube tray is made from food grade silicone and you can flex it to get the ice cubes out. One tray gives you twelve Tetris shaped ice-cubes. Its dimensions are 9.3? x 5.5? x 0.8?. [via ThinkGeek] Happy Puzzling!

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Sliding Block Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Sliding Block Puzzle is a short version of the classic sliding block puzzle by Novel Games.

This is a classic sliding block puzzle with 3 easy puzzles. The aim of this game is to move the red block out of the frame. You can move the blocks in any directions, use the mouse to drag and move the blocks. If you like this sliding block puzzle you probably also like the famous Rush Hour. Happy Puzzling!

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Cat In Outdoor – Escape The Room


Cat In Outdoor is a nice small escape the room puzzle game or must I say Enter the Room?

This escape the room puzzle game has just four screens and has a useful help function for each object you collect. Using this help function makes the puzzle game very easy. I recommend not to use the help function as it becomes very easy to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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Apel Design Puzzle Table


We had already several puzzle tables like a Puzzle Side Table and a Puzzling Table by Patou.

The puzzle table by Israeli born, US based designer, Amit Apel from Apel Design consist basically of six small table with a jigsaw puzzle piece top. The six tables can be put together into one larger table.

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Quick Brick – Online Puzzle Game


Quick Brick is yet another brick removal puzzle game like Same Game. Only this time you have to remove all the block in each level.

Click on the bricks of the same color to make them disappear. They advance up the screen rather quickly. There are a variety of special blocks, like bombs, to click on. Happy Puzzling!


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Crosswords Add On For Firefox


Crosswords 2.0 is a simple but yet entertaining Firefox Add-on by Mike Kroger.

Crosswords It gets crosswords from an online crossword database. Currently there are only 30 crosswords in the database, but more will be added soon. Happy Puzzling!

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Pearl Jam 10 Game


Pearl Jam 10 Game is a 3D puzzle game website about solving puzzles in a 3D world.

Try to solve it and every time you complete a level you’ll be able to download a remastered track from the new release. You can spent as many time as you need. Happy Puzzling!

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