Cogitate – Physics Puzzle Game

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Cogitate is a great physics puzzle game all about gravity and requires some little engineering skills to find all solutions.

Manipulate actual Lego Technic gears, beams, conveyor belts and motors to complete the ten pre-built puzzles. Enjoy viewing player solutions and challenge yourself to achieve them with the fastest time, lowest cost or highest score.

Create your own levels, using up to 10 Golden Gears, and challenge friends to complete them. You can also rate other players levels and the filter tools to play the best ones out there. With over 150,000 player solutions already, explore the community to discover some amazing contraptions.

Game play is easy, click and hold the left mouse button on the outer edges of components to rotate or extend them. Double click to remove an object. Beams can be connected to each other and certain gears when highlighted in green. Align gear teeth with the zoom tool at the bottom or by rotating your mouse wheel. Remember that gears, motors and conveyor belts will stay where they are placed. All other items are effected by gravity. The possibilities are limitless. Happy Puzzling!

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