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Complete Origami is a richly illustrated and practical guide to the ancient paper-folding art.

Although the art of origami has been treasured through the centuries, the repertoire of folds has exploded in the last 40 years. Complete Origami provides an ideal introduction for novices, and it also includes original, more challenging techniques for experts. Using this book, the origami enthusiast’s skills will grow as they progress from one project to the next.

This comprehensive guide covers the history of origami, from the invention of paper to the cutting-edge influence of mathematics, a discussion of paper types and clear explanations of the basic folds. All 25 projects are complemented by full-color photographs and step-by-step illustrations that walk the reader through every technique. Projects are clearly labeled beginner, intermediate and advanced and include:

Cormorant on a rock Lover’s knot Fish bowl Piranha Perfect elephant Enigma bowl Shipwreck Stargate

The gorgeous projects and richly detailed images in Complete Origami will be enjoyed and treasured by origami enthusiasts of all ages.

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