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After almost two years it’s finally time for the second version of Bart Bonte’s (from Belgium) puzzle game called Factory Balls 2.

As you probably remember from the first version the object is to drag and drop a ball from the tumbler, over the given tools in the right order to produce the physics of the ball as shown in the brown box. Each level there are different tools are available, like different colors of paint, a pump, airbrush etc.. If you mess up you can drop a ball in the recycle bin, but be careful, you have only 17 balls to complete all 30 levels.

Factory Balls is a fun and original puzzle game that start off easy and get harder as you advance. Happy Puzzling!

Enjoy also other online puzzle games by Bart Bonte: Duck: Think Outside The Flock, Full Moon, Klikwerk, Me And My Key, Must Pop Words.

Update: There is also Factory Balls 3

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