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Hidato – Logic Puzzle For iPhone


In a previous post I already mentioned that you can play Hidato Online and that you can buy also Hidato Puzzle Books. Hidato is now available for your iPhone or iPod with 100 Hidato puzzles and additional puzzles coming up.

Hidato is about completing the sequence of numbers, which must be adjacent either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The puzzles don’t really seem to get much harder as you progress in difficulty. And there is a small number of strategies to learn to solve Hidato. The puzzles remain somewhat [Read More...]

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Starship – Escape The Room


Starship is a Escape The Room/Maze type of puzzle game by GameDesign.

Object is to escape the spaceship while walking through the spaceship. On the right top the map shows the rooms you already visited. Grab extra energy to stay alive and watch out for the little spider which always pops up at the worst moment. Happy Puzzling!

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Jigsaw Puzzle Weblog


As far as I know Family Game Guru is the first weblog all about jigsaw puzzles.

If you like jigsaw puzzle this new weblog is the one to check out. As it’s online since June 2009 there are not much articles. But already you can read about the history of jigsaw puzzles, and the best strategy to solve jigsaw puzzles. Also it will keep you informed about new jigsaw puzzles.

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page. Happy Puzzling!

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Factory Balls 2 – Online Puzzle Game


After almost two years it’s finally time for the second version of Bart Bonte’s (from Belgium) puzzle game called Factory Balls 2.

As you probably remember from the first version the object is to drag and drop a ball from the tumbler, over the given tools in the right order to produce the physics of the ball as shown in the brown box. Each level there are different tools are available, like different colors of paint, a pump, airbrush etc.. If you mess up you can drop a [Read More...]

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USB Cube Mnemosyne


If you thought the prices on some of the flat screens in the market are too high think again, here is the ultimate high end USB Flash Drive designed by SolidAlliance Corporation. The price tag for this very new and unique USB memory is 1,000,000 yen (approx. US$ 10,000), taxes are not included. The newly designed USB which company calls it “MNEMOSYNE” coincides with company’s seventh anniversary. The “MNEMOSYNE” was the memory goddess of ancient Greece. The “MNEMOSYNE” is a cube measuring 72 mm on each side consisting of 5 polished silver pieces and one black piece which [Read More...]

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Kokimi – Online Puzzle Game


Kokimi (Japanese for sentiment, feeling) is a brand new mix of defense game and logic puzzle game by Notdoppler.

Object of Kokimi is to drag, drop and swap the ‘Kokimis’ to defeat the currently same-colored attackers in order to protect yourself. Happy Puzzling!


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Scented Jigsaw Puzzles by Hasbro


Hasbro and the Yankee Candle Company, two American companies based in New England with long-standing traditions of creating high quality family products, are coming together for the first time to create an exciting new innovation in family entertainment.

New Yankee candle scented jigsaw puzzles combine America’s Best Loved Candle scents with America’s favorite name in family games and puzzles. Puzzlers of all abilities will be “wowed” by the subtle pleasant scents of classic Yankee Candle fragrances such as MacIntosh Apple, Clean Cotton and MidSummer’s Night while piecing together the three new jigsaw puzzles.

The puzzles make a perfect [Read More...]

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