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Sudokid is a kid’s version of the well-known time passer and mathematical puzzle, Sudoku. Sudokid is very simply: Sudoku with shapes, instead of numbers.

Sudokid helps kids develop concentration, and problem solving skills while avoiding the intimidating digits of a “regular” Sudoku board. Sudokid’s 3D shapes provide for tactile feedback, fun, and the perfect educational game play.

Designed and developed by the quirky community, Sudokid is a comprised of a hard plastic game board, with a game card slot which will hold one of the over 75 unique game cards which are included with your purchase. The clear board cover makes it easy to store all the included parts & pieces (which comes in handy on flights to Grammy’s).

Oh and never put it pass the quirky community to think through all possible scenarios: we’ve coated each game card with patented anti-juice box spillage and anti-goldfish crumb technology (read: laminated).

Sudokid comes with Comes With 75 Unique Game Cards- 25 at each difficulty level (easy, medium, and hard). Be careful adults, you may get addicted too. [via] Happy Puzzling!

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