Triazzle Released for iPhone

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Two months ago we published a great interview with Dan Gilbert, creator of Triazzle.

Now it’s time for the release of one of the most successful puzzles of the last decade. The award-winning cardboard brain teaser that has sold over five million copies now brings you the next generation of its popular puzzle series, an enchanting animated puzzle that “Comes to Life” exclusively on Apple’s mobile gaming platforms – the iPhone and iPod Touch. On July 17th 2009 Traizzle has been launched on the iPhone App Store.

Triazzle is a graphical matching puzzle unlike any of the typical match-3-in-a-row computer puzzles. Triazzle is composed of triangular pieces that contain repeating images. To solve the puzzle you must assemble the pieces into the game board with all the pictures matching. It may seem simple but it isn’t. It takes strategy, skill and a little luck.

Triazzle 3.0 brings the popular format to life with stunning artwork, animation, music and sound effects. “I’ve put a lot of attention into creating a fun and challenging puzzle within a beautiful playing environment,” says designer/creator Dan Gilbert. Gilbert, who is an artist and game designer puts as much emphasis on how great his products look as how well they play.

There are seven different game modes at increasing levels of difficulty. Triazzle includes dozens of graphical environments and a virtually unlimited number of different puzzles to solve. But unlike most other computer puzzles that play with shapes or jewels, Triazzle plays with colorful animals that come to life when correctly matched: hopping, flapping, crawling, and glowing! The more puzzle you solve the more animated it becomes! Triazzle also has special kids’ games that are designed for players ages 5 and up. They sport simpler graphics and easy to solve
puzzles with unlimited hints and lively music.

At YouTube you can watch three video’s about Traizzle 3.0 for iPhone.
1. Triazzle 3.0 for iPhone Premier
2. Triazzle 3.0 Fireflies
3. Triazzle 3.0 for iPhone – First Look

Happy Puzzling!

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