Maze in Maize / Corn Mazes 2009

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A maize maze is a tourist attraction or visitor attraction cut from a large field of living maize plants. As well as the maize maze to explore you will find other attractions such as mini-mazes, puzzles, play areas, pedal go-karts, farm animals, tractor rides, inflatable mazes and more. All maize mazes offer some form of refreshments and some have restaurants on site. A maize maze may be in a farmer’s field or part of a larger tourist attraction such as a farm park, farm attraction, leisure park or country park. Others are attached to a farm shop or restaurant.

If you haven’t been to a maize maze before you will be amazed at what a great fun day out they offer, for a family, for friends or for your school or group. If you have been before you will know that each year, each maze design changes giving you a new challenge. Each of the Maize Maze Association member mazes is also unique, meaning no two mazes are ever the same, so you could easily challenge yourself to visit two or more maize mazes in a year.

Visiting a maize maze is a summer day out. In the UK maize mazes typically open in July each year once the maze plants have started to grow. By September the short maize maze season is coming to a close and the maize plants harvested for animal feed.

Exploring a maze used to mean a gentle saunter around the privet hedges of a stately home. But lately maze-going has assumed out-of-town proportions with a new legion of field-sized labyrinths. [via The Maize Maze Association (MMA)]

Maize Maze locations across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.
Find a corn maze in the USA
Find a corn maze in Canada

You are never far from an a-maze-ing day out. Happy Puzzling!

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  1. passionforpuzzles August 16, 2009 at 09:58

    Found a Maze in Maize in Belgium called De Bosrust.

  2. passionforpuzzles September 10, 2009 at 15:41

    Another 2009 Maze Craze in Columbiana county.

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