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Square Table Top – Online Puzzle Game


Square Table Top is a nice little online puzzle game by

The start of the story : A cabinetmaker has already fitted seven pieces into the 6×6 square table top as shown above. Unfortunately, the final one shown at left can no be fitted in because of the shape variance. Can you help the cabinetmaker to rearrange the pieces in order to form the complete 6×6 square table top?

To move a piece, drag and drop it. To rotate a piece, click it. To flip a piece, click it holding the space [Read More...]

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Splitter 2 – Online Puzzle Game


After Splitter it’s now time for puzzle game Splitter 2.

Also this time you have to help the smiley guy reach the exit in each level (of 32 levels in total) by splitting some wood in this physics based puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!


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Japanese Wooden Puzzle Boxes


Wooden puzzle boxes are not only puzzles but also a beautiful works of art. Most puzzle boxes are very nice finished and of exceptional quality wood.

Wooden puzzle boxes contain carefully concealed hidden compartments and are a tribute to a vanishing art form, your job is to find out how to open the wooden puzzle box.

If you like Japanese puzzle boxes please check out the great online puzzle shop PuzzleMaster Inc. they have over 100 different puzzle boxes in their collection. Happy Puzzling!


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Sudoku Sniper – Online Sudoku


Sudoku Sniper is an online version of Sudoku in wich you play Sudoku against a computer bot.

Both of you solve the same Sudoku puzzle at the same time. You win if you score more points than the bot. Normal Sudoku rules apply for Sudoku sniper. Happy Puzzling!

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Lego Mindstorm Sudoku Solver


At Passion For Puzzles we have seen a lot of  robot Sudoku solvers like an iPhone Sudoku solver called Sudoku Grab, a Lego Rubik’s Cube Solver and a Lego Sudoku Solver.

Now there is finally a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Sudoku solver, which not only scans the Sudoku puzzle and solves it, but also complete it with a pencil.

Watch the YouTube video called Lego Mindsolvers Sudoku. More information via Tilted Twister. Happy Puzzling!

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orThought – Online Puzzle Game


orThought is 3D block moving puzzle game by EketechGames.

This Sokoban kind of puzzle game is challenging but not to difficult. When a puzzle seems difficult, the best advice is to stop and think your way through the challenge. A lot of puzzles are a lot less difficult than they appear, once you can see through the gimmick. Use arrows to move, climb ladders and push blocks in order to reach the exits. Happy Puzzling!


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You vs The Room – Escape The Room


You vs The Room is a nice twist on the regular escape the room puzzle games.

This time the door will open in case of emergency. Also this time it’s up to you to escape the room. Happy Puzzling!

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