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The Big Book of Brain Games – Puzzle Book


About the original “The Big Book of Brain Games – 1000 PlayThinks” Will Shortz of “The New York Times” said it best: “The most wide-ranging, visually appealing, entertaining, gigantic collection of brainteasers since Sam Loyd’s “Cyclopedia of Puzzles” almost a century ago.”

Inside “The Big Book of Brain Games,” you will find an obsessive collection of 1,000 challenges, puzzles, riddles, illusions— originals as well as must-do classics— it’ s like salted peanuts for the brain. With jampacked pages and a full-color illustration for each entry, the book, opened anywhere, [Read More...]

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Sheepish – Online Puzzle Game


Sheepish is a small and easy online puzzle game.

Object of Sheepish is to guide sheeps through metal pipes to their food. Sounds strange and it is as you can also resize sheep and make them jump via trampoline. Each level difficulty increases while new object are available to reach the food. [via Microsiervos]. Happy Puzzling!


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Plumma – Online Puzzle Game


Plumma is a block moving kind of puzzle game or should I say pipe-moving?

In this version you’ll need to move all the pipe pieces in stead of blocks to any of the gaps in the pipes. Use the arrows to move your ball and push the objects around the game grid. Happy Puzzling!


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Boxed Inn: Panic Room – Escape The Room


Boxed Inn: Panic Room is yet another Escape The Room kind of puzzle game.

The goal of Boxed-Inn: Panic Room is to escape. Click the arrow keys to navigate the room. Click around the room to interact with items, some of which can be collected into your menu.

These items can be clicked to view and to use to escape the room. Items may also interact with other objects, to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles. Happy Puzzling!

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Your Shot – National Geographic Online Jigsaw Puzzle


Your Shot by National Geographic is where visitors can send in their favorite photo for possible publication in National Geographic.

Well that’s not all, some of those fabulous pictures are turned into online jigsaw puzzles (60 pieces), called Your Shot Jigsaw Puzzles. Solve these jigsaw puzzles, featuring the Daily Dozen from Your Shot.

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page. Happy Puzzling!

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Minim – Online Logic Puzzle Game

Minim is another brilliant logic puzzle game by

Your objective in this molecular puzzler is to combine atoms until only one remains. Atoms can be combined if they contain the same number and are connected by a white line. Minim starts easy but after 10 levels it becomes much more difficult. There are 35 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Splitter – Online Puzzle Game


Splitter is an addictive online physics based puzzle game by

Object is to slice and dice the wooden blocks to get the smiley sphere rolling to its target. Things start off easy, but gradually get harder as you progress all of the 25 levels. The walkthroug for Splitter is included in the game. Happy Puzzling!

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