Pentominoes Puzzles for your iPhone

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Puzzle fanatic? Love a challenge? The Pentos app might just be for you.

Created by a retired professor of mathmatics, Pentos is a modern remake of pentominoes puzzles for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Pentominoes puzzles are educational and thought-provoking shape puzzles that can vary in difficulty, depending on what settings you start with on this app. You can make it easy or hard, large or small, and have a puzzle you can solve in 30 seconds or one that will keep you guessing for minutes on end.

In Pentos, you are presented with a gameboard, which has a size of whatever you choose to start with (again, varies with the difficulty settings). Then you are given pentominoes, or pieces, to put into the puzzle. You can turn them, flip them and whatnot, but you have to fill in the game board. Sounds easy, but the more difficult you make it, the longer it will take!

The Pentos app is definitely basic when it comes to graphics and sound. In fact, it would be nice if the game had a little more eye candy, perhaps a 3D look and a more subdued background to help one tell the difference between the gameboard squares and the pieces already placed on the board. The colors are flat and can compete with each other, leaving you with a not-so-pleasant view for the eyes minutes into a game. Some 3D design work could make this game appeal to more puzzle pros and perhaps pull some of the younger crowd into playing it, too.

Otherwise, the gameplay in Pentos is solid, self-explanatory, and definitely engaging. You can play some easy ones while standing in line at the DMV, or if you’re waiting for your oil to be changed on your car, you may want to up the difficulty to help keep your mind strong and lively! Either way, it can be an addicting game, even though it’s not very easy, or pleasing, to the eyes. [via examiner]

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