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Triple Rotate – Online Puzzle Game


Triple Rotate is a new match three addictive puzzle game by

There are a lot of conundrums concealed under ancient ruins of the lost town. It is rather hard to solve all of them. Collect 3 identical figures in the triangle to make it gold. To pass to the next level turn all triangles on the playing field into gold. While playing the bonuses become available, they help you to win in this interesting matching puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!


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Warp Shot – Online Puzzle Game


Warp Shot is a strategic puzzle game by ArmorGames.

Object is to warp through portals to the goal. Use your surroundings and gravity to move through gateways and beat each level by par. Aim carefully and strategically. Happy Puzzling!


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Laser Crawler – Online Puzzle Game


Laser Crawler is a simple looking but challenging puzzle game by SugarToast.

Object is to help the small bug crawl to the exit without touching the colored laser beams through a maze of block and laser beams. There are in total 40 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Living Scenes – JigZone Jigsaw Puzzle CD’s

Jigsaw-puzzle-living-scenes is one of the leading top website with free online jigsaw puzzle games.

Next to the JigZone Jigsaw Puzzle CD there is another jigsaw puzzle CD available via the online Jigzone Shop called Living Scenes jigsaw puzzles. The CD (for Windows only) offers: - 12 Living Scenes jigsaw puzzles on a CD - 14 still image jigsaw puzzles on the CD - Save the puzzle in progress - Fully rotatable puzzle pieces - Four separate playing tables for organizing puzzle pieces - Can automatically isolate edge pieces when starting a puzzle - Available hint feature finds matching puzzle pieces - Turn your [Read More...]

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Flipit – Online Puzzle Game


Flipit is an interesting version of puzzle games like LightsOut.

Flip the tiles so that you are only left with white ones. the problem is each tile will flip it’s adjacent tiles too. Complete 30 levels to win the game.

The game grid becomes larger when you enter higher levels, this is a nice addition compared to other logic puzzle games like Flipit. Happy Puzzling!


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