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Bot Escape – Escape The Hotel Room


Bot Escape is just another escape the room puzzle game by Escape Fever.

You find yourself locked in some kind of hotel room. Try to find a way out by collecting the items and using them in the right places. Game looks like your in a real hotel room and the fantastic music is just a perfect fits for this escape the room puzzle game (song is called .Slow eMotion). Happy Puzzling!

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Cover Orange – Online Puzzle Game


Cover Orange is a unique physics based online puzzle game by JohnnyK.

Object is to cover the oranges by placing objects strategically. Wait for the cloud to pass by and make sure the oranges are protected from the deadly rain in all twenty challenging levels. Happy Puzzling!

Update: Enjoy also Cover Orange 2

Update: Don’ forget to solve all  levels created by players at home in Cover Orange Players Pack.


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Online CALKuro – Combination Sudoku and Kakuro


If you like Sudoku and/or Kakuro puzzles you will probably also like CALKuro.

The original name of this puzzle is Kenken but this online version is called CALkuro and is a combination between Sudoku and Kakuro. A CALkuro grid is made up of different colored Sets, each consisting of one or more Cells. To solve the puzzle, the correct number must be placed in each of the Cells according to the following rules:- Fill in the Cells without repeating a number in any row or column.- A number may be repeated in a Set, but not [Read More...]

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Play Magnets – Physics Puzzle Game


Play Magnets is a nice physics based puzzle game by Zedarus Games.

Object in Play Magnets is to lead blue or red particles from Spawn Boxes to Receive Boxes. Place magnets to direct the particles and make use or avoid Lego look-a-like objects. Then hit “start” to see what happens.

There are 28 levels to solve and the game includes hints and a walkthrough in case needed. Happy Puzzling!


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Full Moon – Online Puzzle Game


Full Moon is a brand new puzzle game by Bart Bonte from Belgium and is an entry for JayIsGames 6th Casual Gameplay Design Competition.

The fullest moon, a rabbit with desires, can you bring satisfaction? Explore, point, click, drag and drop to bring the rabbit’s desire (as shown in the callouts above the rabbit) towards him. Happy Puzzling!

Update: Full Moon (walkthrough,solution)

Enjoy also other online puzzle games by Bart Bonte: Duck: Think Outside The Flock, [Read More...]

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Maze Stopper – Online Puzzle Game


Maze Stopper 3 is an interesting maze puzzle game with some Sokoban effects.

Object is to stop your opponent monsters in the puzzle game getting to the exit first. Modify the maze/labyrinth and move the levers and reach the exits before the CPU-dude. Happy Puzzling!

PS Try also Maze Stopper and Maze Stopper 2

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Scrabulizer – Online Scrabble Solver


Scrabulizer is an online version to obtain the best scores with Hasbro’s world famous board game Scrabble.

Scrabulizer is a scrabble solver which will give all the moves that a player can make during their turn in a Scrabble game. The solver will use tiles from the rack, incorporated into the tiles from the board, to form allowed Scrabble moves.

By default, the scoring uses the Scrabble board point bonuses for using letter and word multiplier squares, and a 50 point bonus (bingo) for using all of the rack tiles. The board point bonuses, letter [Read More...]

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