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Bloktonik – Online Block Puzzle Game


Bloktonik is a fun and a nice variant on puzzle game Tetris Robotubegames and a to come along since Tetris. Match colors, earn special items and earn dazzling bonuses to skyrocket your score.

Object of Bloktonik is to land blocks on top of other blocks of the same color in order to get them to ‘stick’ to the central cluster. What is considered ‘On top of’ changes with each direction the blocks fall from. Disconnected blocks earn even more points. Game ends when any of the 4 entrances is blocked up.

You can play this puzzle game in three different difficulty levels, Novice, Normal or Master, with three, four or five colors. Happy Puzzling!

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Kerixep – Online Puzzle Game


Kerixep is a challenging casual puzzle game by FastGames which looks like Rolley.

Object is to light up all squares without going over the same square twice. Start at the green square and fill up the complete game grid. Solve all 30 levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Six Rooms – Escape The Room Game


Six Rooms is a nice Escape The Room puzzle Game by ShatteredGames dot com.

This time the object is not to escape one room but six rooms. Use your logic and solve puzzles in order to escape all six rooms. Walkthrough for Six Rooms is available from within the game. Happy Puzzling

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Cubed – 3D Platform Puzzle Game


Cubed is a cool 3D platform puzzle game with realistic physics.

Object is to move the numbered blocks using arrows and the number keys to switch between them and move and stack them to reach the exits. There are twenty addictive levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Bricker – Online Puzzle Game


Bricker is yet another Bloxorz and Ice Princess type of puzzle game, but as usual fun to play.

The aim of Bricker is to get the block to fall into the golden plate which need sometimes some thinking ahead. Also Bricker offers you a puzzle game with some nice twist, like wooden plates which can not support the full weight, teleport and bridge plates.

There are 26 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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Flood Fill – Online Puzzle Game


Flood Fill is an addictive online puzzle game by

Object of Flood Fill is to fill each of the piece of the puzzle with one of the four available colors. Don’t let pieces of the same color share a side. Try and use as few colors as possible when solving a level.

Many of them can be completed in three colors or less. Happy Puzzling!


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Interview With Game Designer Bart Bonte

Already for a long time we write regular when there is a new Bart Bonte game, to find out more about Bart and his game design we proposed to interview him. Bart was so kind to agreed with this in an open interview.

Bart, can you tell us something about yourself?

Sure, I’m living in Belgium, happily married and father of 2 young kids. I’m designing web games and running a games blog. My most popular games to date are probably Duck, and Factory Balls 2.

How did you get into [Read More...]

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