Bolaris Domino – 3D Sliding Puzzle

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Bolaris Domino a 3D sliding sphere puzzle by Diff Design OY from Finland and is the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

The frame of Bolaris Domina (and the two other versions called Harmaa and Vastaväri) consists of static (solid) rectangular corners and the grooves between them. The rectangles parts slide easily on the grooves, one part at a time.

First scramble all the pieces of this 3D puzzle with difficulty level 3 out of 4. After that you can slide the rectangular domino parts around until the rectangular pieces form a continuous chain of domino’s over and around the ball, matching the point value with the adjacent domino piece.

This brand new puzzle invented and made in Finland has made the small but significant step from flat 2D-sliding puzzles to the third dimension. The one-part-at-a-time sliding system allows the player to see the individual parts and the surrounding ones to figure out which one needs to be moved, to which direction, and how to get it done.

Material: ABS-plastic and its coloring pigments, approved for use in food packaging and toys. Due to manufacturing methods the color tones are not absolutely correct. Size: Diameter of sphere 70mm. The solution for Bolaris Domino is not included. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Bolaris, Bolaris – Vastavari / Complimentary Colors, Bolaris – Maailma / Globe and Bolaris – Harmaa / Grey are available from

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