Christmas Crossword and Online Word Search Puzzles

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Are you seeking for Christmas crossword puzzles? Here are provided different types of Christmas crossword puzzles with online word searches to entertain the entire family during Christmas. Check out the list of websites provided below for a great collection of holiday crossword puzzles.

Solve Christmas crossword puzzles or download a puzzle, print puzzle games and solutions, all free of cost. Take pleasure in Christmas word searches and crossword puzzles of varying complexity. Christmas crossword puzzles not only focus on Christmas questions but it is also printed in fun holiday shapes such as Christmas trees, ornaments or gifts.

In 1913, the crossword puzzle was created by Arthur Wynne. It was shaped like a diamond and become visible in an American paper called New York World. The real crossword puzzle trend started after 1924, when a small publishing house called Simon & Schuster released the first book collection of crossword puzzles. After 1930s, the crossword puzzle crossed the ocean and set up attractiveness in Europe. Nowadays the crossword puzzle is called as one of the most accepted games in the world. Read more here.

List of websites that provide Christmas crossword puzzles:

Christmas Online word searches for Puzzle websites:

Via Ready2Beat. Merry Christmas and Happy Puzzling!

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