Chromixa – Jigsaw Of Light Puzzle Game For iPhone/iPod

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Chromixa is a new and unique colour-blending puzzle game, designed specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch. Truly the first of its kind.

Arrange shapes of light to complete beautifully designed puzzles. Based on the colors found within white light, red, green and blue combine to create new colors as shapes overlap. Like a jigsaw of light, your goal is to arrange the shapes to fill an outline with a single color. As you complete puzzles, the points you earn can be used to unlock fun arcade-style mini games.

Like all good puzzle games, Chromixa has a simple concept which creates progressively harder puzzles. A fun and addictive mental challenge for all ages!

Chromixa is available via on the App Store. [via]. Happy Puzzling!

Update : The developer’s gameplay video for Chromixa on Youtube shows how the game is played.

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