Four Piece Puzzle Cutting And Serving Board

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4 Piece Puzzle Cutting Board is a unique puzzle pieces cutting- and serving board made in the USA. This four wooden (maple and walnut) jigsaw puzzle pieces cutting- and serving board has a very stylish design and will look great in any kitchen or on any dinner table.

Because it is the single safest way to keep your food safe from cross contamination (such as bacteria from raw meat getting into your fresh vegetables), and of course protect your counters and knife blades. For that reason you should never use the same surface for different foods.

Ideally, use two boards, wash between uses, or at the very least minimum use the reverse side. Also, always start with fresh vegetables, and finish with by preparing the meat. Finally, as recommended by the Journal of Environmental Health, never place any kitchen items on the cutting board such as tin foil and plastic wrap boxes. Only the food and knife, making sure to keep all food pieces on the board so that you do not contaminate the counter.

This four piece puzzle cutting and serving board is available via CuttingBoardUSA dot com for US $56.95 and measures 22 Inches wide, 12 Inches tall and 3/4 Inch thick (approx 56cm x 30cm x 1,9cm). Happy Puzzling!

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