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Ji Ga Zo is a brand new universal jigsaw puzzle with a series of 300 completely compatible puzzle pieces, each represents a slightly different tone and is marked with a tiny icon.

You could take your favorite photo (approx. 600x800px and in jpg format) and send it by email to Jigazo, and Jigazo gives you return mail with a paint-by-numbers style icon map within 10 seconds. There is a special email address for iPhone users.

Position each piece in accordance to the map, and presto, you’ve got yourself a customized puzzle. As Jigazo is from Japan you would need an import via
The purchase would be an import, but we spotted the Jigazo on one retailer for about US $70.

As you can us any photo you like, Jigazo is an jigsaw puzzle you can use forever. Happy Puzzling!

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