Puzzaka – The World’s Largest Online Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzaka is the world’s largest online puzzle with 260 million mini-puzzles combine to forming the largest jigsaw puzzle ever built, made up of more than 20 billion pieces.

As many online puzzle fans like to solve online jigsaw puzzles, Puzzuka unites the world through a a fun online activity. Puzzaka challenges the World to solve it together:
– Win great prizes (but to take part you’ll need to register)
– Challenge your friends
– It’s Free
– Contribute simply by solving online jigsaw puzzles

Every puzzle solved contributes to Enfants du Monde’s (Children of the World) education programmes.

The the world’s largest commercially made jigsaw puzzle is available from Amazon.com. If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page Happy Puzzling!

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