The Treasure Tube – Treasure Hunt

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The Treasure Tube is a puzzle contest and also the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

Each Treasure Tube consists of a set of maps inspired by the codes of pirates from long ago. The set of maps includes real size reproductions of two of Michel Becker’s paintings and three tracing paper blue prints, delivered in a tube.

The objective of The Treasure Tube is to find three hidden clues on the paintings using the blue prints. Available via The Treasure Tube website for 87.10 Euro’s (approx. US$ 125). The first to enter the correct codes on the Treasure Tube website will win a chateau in Dordogne (France) and an apartment in Paris to the total value of 1 million Euro’s.

Every three weeks a video clue is posted on The Treasure Tube website to put people on the right track. Happy Puzzling!

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