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Pentominoes Puzzles for your iPhone


Puzzle fanatic? Love a challenge? The Pentos app might just be for you.

Created by a retired professor of mathmatics, Pentos is a modern remake of pentominoes puzzles for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Pentominoes puzzles are educational and thought-provoking shape puzzles that can vary in difficulty, depending on what settings you start with on this app. You can make it easy or hard, large or small, and have a puzzle you can solve in 30 seconds or one that will keep you guessing for minutes on end.

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Free Online Word Search and Crossword Puzzle Maker


Puzzle Maker offers you the possibility to create your own Word Search and Crossword puzzles.

Do you need a personalised word search puzzle or crossword puzzle which contains the words you need for a special occasion or just to please your kids, than is the website for you. Just enter the words you like to appear in the puzzle and your puzzle will be created in seconds. Happy Puzzling!

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Button Hunt – Online Puzzle Game


Button Hunt 3 is the latest version of the interactive Button Hunt puzzle game series.

The aim of Button Hunt is to locate and click on the red button in each puzzle to get to the next ones. You will have to interact with some of the objects in each picture in order to make it appear. Happy Puzzling!


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Nomoni – Online Puzzle Game


Nomoni is a psychedelic puzzle skill game by GameShot.

Object of Nomoni is to find the moving, invisible orbs by reading the arrows. It’s always time to relax with this puzzle game which brings you back to the lava lamps from the sixties. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle Furniture – Modular Home Furniture


Breaking the tradition of coming up with bulky home furniture, the team of Australian designers Schamburg + Alvisse has come up with playful multi-functional furniture for your home.

This playful modular home furniture can take any shape as per your requirement. The new furniture for any purpose, these come with unique design and can be arranged like a puzzle. The Puzzle Collection brings you fun, contemporary, modular seating in four fantastic colors. [via Autojogja]

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Escape – Online Puzzle Game


Escape is a sliding block puzzle game from Terry Paton.

Object is to slide the pieces to get the King Piece to the exit by using your mouse. Solve all 20 levels to finish this puzzle game. Some of the levels are easy, but some levels are really hard to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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Nudge – Online Puzzle Game


Nudge is another nice Sokoban influenced puzzle game for you to solve.

Help Nudge collect balloons in this tricky action puzzler. Just move all the boxes around, avoid the boxes which move themselves (in a structured way) and much other things are in there. Move the balloon through the maze to the end. There are 40 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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