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Pearl Jam 10 Game


Pearl Jam 10 Game is a 3D puzzle game website about solving puzzles in a 3D world.

Try to solve it and every time you complete a level you’ll be able to download a remastered track from the new release. You can spent as many time as you need. Happy Puzzling!

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Qrossfire – Online Puzzle Game


Qrossfire is a fast-paced and eye-catching online match 3 puzzle game by Bowler Hat Games.

Match three or more blocks in a row to clear them from the game grid, to earn points, and to add more time to the game. Click a block to select it, and then another block to slide to a match. Watch the time at the bottom, when it time runs out, the game is over.

Qrossfire is puzzle game comes with exciting power-ups, fast flying blocks, exploding bombs, and beautiful graphics. Happy Puzzling!


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Cogitate – Physics Puzzle Game


Cogitate is a great physics puzzle game all about gravity and requires some little engineering skills to find all solutions.

Manipulate actual Lego Technic gears, beams, conveyor belts and motors to complete the ten pre-built puzzles. Enjoy viewing player solutions and challenge yourself to achieve them with the fastest time, lowest cost or highest score.

Create your own levels, using up to 10 Golden Gears, and challenge friends to complete them. You can also rate other players levels and the filter tools to play the best ones out there. With over 150,000 player solutions already, explore the [Read More...]

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Kaleidoscope – Online Puzzle Game

Kaleidoscope is a logic puzzle game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of formations just like a jigsaw puzzle with rotating pieces.

Your are presented with a series of colorful shapes that have to be shifted, rotated and swapped until all adjoining sides match. There are four series of shapes including squares, circles, triangles and hexagons each with six levels. Happy Puzzling!

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BentBend – Online Puzzle Game


BentBend is a small but nice online puzzle game by Nivigames.

Object of BentBend is to connect two of the same colored cubes. In each of the one hundred puzzling levels your connections must not cross. Happy Puzzling!


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Eight Puzzle – Vactions Puzzle

The-eight-puzzle has this year some special puzzles during the vacation period. Its called Puzzle vacations and all puzzles are about digits.

Object of Eight Puzzle is to use all the twelve pieces to make the figure of eight shown in the center of the illustration. All p ten puzzles can be solved online or downloaded in pfd format.

This collection of 10 puzzles is mainly based on the book Puzzles From 0 To 9 by Peter Grabarchuk published in 1999 (also known for Modern Classic Puzzles (Mensa)). Happy [Read More...]

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Puzzle Gift Certificate


Looking for a special present for a family member or a friend who loves puzzles, but you don’t know the puzzles he/she already has?

Now you can give a Puzzle Master Inc. puzzle gift certificate. A gift without expire date. Well that’s not all, Puzzle Master Inc. will ship world-wide, so no limitation like other online stores. Happy Puzzling!


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