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Rekubus Challenger 3D Puzzle


Rekubus Challenger 3D Puzzle is the latest addition to my puzzle collection (again thanks to my brother).

Rekubus Challenger is basically two puzzles into one. First you need to find out how the put the 3D cube together as there are 38 pieces. The second object is to place all the pieces so each face of the cube shows the numbers 1 to 9 in a sequence. Once complete it looks a bit like a Sudoku Cube, but no Sudoku rules applied.

If you would like more information about Rekubus Challenger you can visit the [Read More...]

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A Miner Problem – Online Puzzle Game


A Miner Problem is a nice block moving Sokoban (warehouse keeper in Japanese) type of puzzle game.

A Minor Problem is a puzzle game with 32 fun/challenging levels. Solve each level by matching all the blocks together, each type of gem must be match either three or more vertically or horizontally to clear them. Use the mouse to select each gem, then choose a direction to move them. Match three or more of the same gems vertically or horizontally together to clear the levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Poclick – Online Puzzle Game


Poclick is yet another block removing kind of puzzle game by GDSurgeon.

Object is to remove as much tiles as possible, you can only remove tiles if there are two or more of the same colored tile are horizontally or vertically connected. Extra bonus points are given if you clear the complete game grid. Happy Puzzling!


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Double Seven – Logic Puzzle Game


Double Seven is a small but interesting logic puzzle game at

Object is to get the 3×3 board as shown on the left side in the patterns as shown on the right side. You can achieve this in series of turn-it-over moves. A turn-it-over move consists of turning a piece over to the adjacent vacant cell of the game board. Since every piece has two different colors on each of its sides, after the move the piece changes its color. Can you solve this puzzle in 24 moves? Happy Puzzling!


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DIY Cryptex


Two year ago I wrote about a Cryptex you can buy, but now there is also a detailed instruction on how to make your own Cryptex.

A Cryptex is a kind of lock with a password, that holds a roll of paper. Author Dan Brown said in his “Da Vinci Code”, that Leonardo da Vinci invented it, to let messengers carry secret papyrus rolls that the messengers themselves may not read; only the sender and the recipient know the password. If the messenger would smash the cryptex to read the message, a vial containing [Read More...]

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Police And Thief – Logic Puzzle Game


Police and Thief is a nice little logic puzzle game by GameDesign.

This game looks a bit like strategic puzzle game Chat Noir. Object is simple : catch the thief. It looks impossible but there is one place on the game board where this its possible. Happy Puzzling!


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Trak4 – iPhone Puzzle Game


Trak4 is a brand new challenging puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Object is to match the pattern on the right to the pattern shown on the left before time runs out. Touch the tiles on the right to rotate them. Each time you touch a tile it will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Keep rotating the tiles until you think you have the pattern matched correctly.

Trak4 features over fifty puzzles (with more to come in the near future updates), Trak4 will keep you challenged for hours. You can watch a Trak4 video via YouTube [Read More...]

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