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Fragger – Online Puzzle Game


Fragger is a new puzzle physics based skill puzzle game by Armor Games

Object is to blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills. Play through 30 challenging levels of fun. Fragger comes with three difficulties levels to beat, each with unlocking a new perk. Every higher difficulty gives you greater point rewards, including 11 achievements to collect.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot by moving the mouse and clicking. Set the power by dragging the mouse towards or away form the grenade’s origin. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Enjoy also 10 brand new levels in [Read More...]

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Balance Fury – Online Puzzle Game


Balance Fury is a puzzle game all about your balancing skills

Balance as many blocks on the platform as you can without letting the platform tip over. Your score is the number of blocks you have on the platform before one block falls off. Use the ARROW keys or the W,A,S,D keys to move the block dropper from left to right. Press the SPACE bar to drop a block. Wait until the timer refills before you can drop the next block.

Don’t forget to switch off sound, I think the music is rather annoying. Happy Puzzling!


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Play Online Lumines


Almost three years ago I already wrote about the Lumines Music now looking back in my blog entries I started looking for an online version of Lumines … and found it.

Object of Lumines is to put blocks of four (2×2) of the same color together in a Tetris like environment. Sounds easy but isn’t a the remaining blocks stay in place. You can choose music embedded in the game or use mp3 files on your own computer. Happy Puzzling!.


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Jigsaw Puzzle Pen Stand


Magnetic Pen Stand Puzzle is a great desktop gadget for your office.

This magnetic metal pen stand map of the world is of exceptional quality. There are 48 puzzle pieces on this jigsaw puzzle and will for be an item to talk about when someone enters your office. Magnetic Pen Stand Puzzle is available via Puzzle Master Inc. for approx US$ 25.

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page. Happy Puzzling!


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Water Werks – Online Puzzle Game


Water Werks is an unique online puzzle game from Long Animals made and made available online by Kongregate, in which you must get your blobs to the exits using only running water and a hosepipe.

Object is to manipulate objects on the puzzle board with a hosepipe to get the small little balls into the very cute receptacle bins. Each of the 45 levels contain several obstacles that must be overcome.

First, you control a water hose and the only thing you can do is spray water in order to move the objects. The obstacles such [Read More...]

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Shape Builder – iPhone iPod Preschool Learning Puzzle Game


Shape Builder is the must have app for your iPhone or iPod if you have toddlers and is made by Darren Murtha and Chris Lott for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Shape Builder educates and entertains preschoolers with easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Each puzzle has 5 to 10 pieces and after positioning all of the pieces, the real image is revealed along with a professional voice recording of the word spoken by a licensed speech therapist, Jill Dews. Shape Builder encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor [Read More...]

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Tetris Friends – Online Puzzle Game


Tetris Friends is a brand new social way to play a two minute Tetris game against five opponents.

Tetris Friends is a free to play online (and with a limited version on Facebook), version of the original version of Tetris. Currently Tetris Friends has ten modes of play.

Marathon is classic Tetris that goes to level 15, Sprint sees how many points a player can amass before hitting 40 lines, Ultra is the same but within 2 minutes, Survival is Marathon but with a 20 levels instead of 15, N-Blox is a graphically basic classic game, Sprint 5P [Read More...]

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