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Speed Sudoku


Sudoku, one of the world’s most popular pastimes, has reached a new level of fun. Salamander Software today announced the launch of — not just another free online Sudoku game. This new website challenges Sudoku enthusiasts to test their problem-solving skills against players from around the globe. Initial feedback from the Beta stage reveals that Speed Sudoku’s concept is long overdue in the online gaming market.

“Each day, millions of Sudoku lovers pick up their newspaper and play their favorite game,” explains Salamander Software founder Brian Lack. “But playing alone can get a little boring. The idea that [Read More...]

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Atomik Koas – Online Puzzle Game


Atomik Koas 2 Orbits is an addictive puzzle game on Armor Games.

The crazy professor (that would be you) is back for another chain reaction frenzy puzzle game. Test your puzzle skills in Atomik Kaos to chance the face of mankind. Game play is easy, use your mouse to click on of the atoms and start a chain reactions. The Atomik Kaos walkthrough is also available at Armor Games. Happy Puzzling!


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National Geographic Traveler’s Sudoku: China Game


National Geographic Traveler’s Sudoku: China Game is an twist by National Geographic on the world famous Sudoku puzzles.

Earn beautiful images while challenging your mind in National Geographic Traveler’s Sudoku: China. Choose from increasingly challenging Sudoku puzzles set against a backdrop of stunning photography. The authentic scenery from the world’s greatest photographic libraries is yours to keep. Play an unlimited amount of Sudoku puzzles and unlock over 70 stunning images and 30 locations. National Geographic Traveler’s Sudoku: China full game features:- Visit over 30 of the most popular sites in China- Integrated travel map system allows you to explore China [Read More...]

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Toggle – Online Puzzle Game


Toggle is an addictive puzzle game by MintMan and looks a bit like Lights-Out, only this time with different grids and rotating options.

Toggle is a game of wit and intellect, Toggle challenges your puzzle solving ability. Toggle and Spin cells to clear the board in as few moves as you can. With 40 levels and a built in level editor, the challenges are endless.

Object of Toggle is to make all the cells in a level the same colour. Click on Togglersbuttons to toggle rows, columns, or diagonals of cells and click on Spinners button to [Read More...]

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I Can KenKen by Will Shortz


A few months ago Will Shortz introduced KenKen math puzzles in th USA, now Will Shortz presents a KenKen puzzle book especially for kids (age 9-12) called “I Can KenKen! Puzzles for Having Fun with Math.

Not only are these KenKen puzzles fun but KenKen puzzles helps children improve concentration, logic and arithmetic skills. Children ages 9-12 have excelled in math and gained real-life problem solving skills all from playing a puzzle so engaging that it keeps them coming back for more. This first book of KenKen for Kids features: - 75 easy all addition puzzles [Read More...]

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WSC 2009 – Sudoku Battle


Jan Mrozowski’s hand darted with catlike deftness across the giant grid stuck to the wall in front of him. First one corner, at full stretch, then the other, his solving of the final puzzle in the World Sudoku Championships was reminiscent of the routines Pan’s People performed on Top of the Pops.

With a final flick of the pen and a short step backwards to check his handiwork, the Pole turned and gave a triumphant cry that signalled that the search for the world’s best Sudoku solver was over for another year.

The room, filled with chatter and a fug [Read More...]

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Magnetism – Online Puzzle Game


Magnetism is a small but interesting logic puzzle game by

Object of Magnetism is to drop a metal ball into a cup. But you have to use magnets and other objects to achieve this. Magnetism has two game modes with each two sets of 25 levels (level set A has a steep learning curve and level set B has a slow learning curve. The first game mode involves clicking the mouse to drop the ball into the cup and is more logic and thought-based. The second game mode is a skill-based mode in which you have [Read More...]

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