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Me And The Key – Online Puzzle Game


Me And The Key is yet another great puzzle game by brilliant puzzle designer Bart Bonte from Belgium. The complete puzzle game is made by Bart himself, code, graphics and music.

In Me And The Key you will have to find the key in each level and most levels are about little blue penguins. The best about this games is that there are no instructions. But don’t worry each level explains itself. Also each level is different and you need to click on things to find the key and move to the next level.

Currently [Read More...]

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Submarine – Online Puzzle Game


Submarine Puzzle is yet block swapping game by Gradient Circle.

Game play is as usual very easy with this kind of block puzzles games. Swap place of blocks in such a way to have at least three of the same kind next to another (horizontally or vertically). You are only allow to swap block next to each other. Happy Puzzling!

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Fillomino Logic Puzzles (aka Polyominoes)


Fillomino logic puzzles were designed by Japanese puzzle maker Nikoli famouse as they create all puzzles by hand without any computer, so you can sense the human touch. Fillomino is also known as Polyominous math puzzles which you can find on ‘A Cleverly-Tiled Logic Puzzle Blog’

The rules for Fillomino are simple and can be explained in four sentences:1. Divide the grid into polyomino that satisfy the following rules.2. Every number in the grid must be contained in a polyomino containing that quantity of squares.3. No [Read More...]

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Gridless Puzzle Blog


Gridless is a puzzle weblog with every month two or three new word puzzles.

Gridless is all about word puzzles. Most predominantly, Double-Crostics and Gridless puzzles. Gridless puzzles are puzzles devised by weblog owner Craig and they are like cryptic crosswords but there is no grid. The answers to the clues share an elusive theme. Discovering this connection will reveal a vertical answer line which will reveal all and neatly tie the puzzle together – including the title, clues and theme.

Craig’s puzzles are appearing regularly in magazines in Australia, New Zealand, and England. And even some puzzles [Read More...]

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iKendu = KenKen for iPhone


KenKen for your iPhone / iPod is called iKendu and you can download iKendu for free.

To solve an iKendu (KenKen) puzzle, you combine numbers in each bordered region with the given math operation to obtain the region’s given answer while not repeating any number in any row or column.

The first two iKendu puzzles will help you understand how it works, and you will soon be able to solve all 100 iKendu puzzles. iKendu comes with 10 Easy to Medium (3×3), 40 Medium to Hard (4×4), 40 puzzles Medium to Hard (5×5) and 10 Hard to Difficult (6×6) KenKen [Read More...]

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How To Solve KenKen Puzzles


Brian left a comment at a previous blog entry about KenKen Puzzles.

In his comment Brain let’s us know that he is hooked on is KenKen. “I don’t think it’s possible that things like KenKen and crosswords don’t help your brain stay fit.”

Brain also made a 10 minute (!) video about how to start solving a 9×9 KenKen puzzle in which the operation signs are not given.

Brain, Thanks for sharing and Happy Puzzling!


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Super Giant Sudoku (144 x 144)


Phil. from SudokuGeant pointed me to yet another huge Sudoku Puzzle.

This time a super-giant Sudoku puzzle with 144×144 cells (=20736 cells). That means 256classic 9×9 Sudoku’s linked together on one huge grid. They have also a pdf version of this super giant Sudoku (best result printed on A3). Happy Puzzling!


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