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Ladybird Escape – Escape The Room


Ladybird Escape is a nice little escape the room puzzle game.

Object is to escape the room of ladybirds. Collect the ladybirds and the keys. There are going to happen a lot of strange things in this room. Happy Puzzling!

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Grid 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Grid 2 is a new puzzle game by AGame.

Object is to piece together puzzling connections. Click the right or left side of a glyph to rotate it in that direction. Glyphs can only be rotated when they are connected to a power source. The goal of the game is to connect every glyph to a power source without leaving any glyph pathways unconnected. While one glyph may sometimes have both blue and pink power running through it, these two color streams must never cross, or it will cause a power surge. Happy Puzzling!

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GoMad : The Escape


GoMad : The Escape is yet another version of the famous puzzle game Rush Hour.

Object is to move the cube with the plus signs on top to the exit on the right bottom by moving the other cubes out of the way. Just drag and drop the cubes to move them around the game grid. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle Rug by Asha Carpets


Puzzle Rug is a hand-knotted carpet by Asha Carpets.

Puzzle rug is hand knotted, undyed and made from natural hand spoon wool. Unfortunately no information the measurements of this puzzle carpet and price.

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Glassez 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Glassez 2 is the puzzle game of the week by WellGames (similar to Frescoz).

Object of this online puzzle game is to make a complete stained-glass picture of variously shaped glass pieces. Rotate the pieces of different form and color by clicking on them and put them into an appropriate part of the pattern.

For each piece of glass you’ll get point,when you have a piece of glass that doesn’t fit you’ll have to put it in the trash bin and this will cost you points. Happy Puzzling!


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Osiron – Online Puzzle Game


Osiron is a fantastic puzzle game-based sculpture of artist David Huffman.

Inspiration comes from The Flower of Life, an ancient geometrical figure of perfectly interlocked circles. This sacred image holds a visual expression of the connections that life weaves through each and every one of us.

Object is to rotate the circles with colored so the game board looks exactly as the goal board. Click the center of one of the seven circle to select it, then drag the circle to rotate the pieces to the place you want. Happy Puzzling!


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Shapely – Online Puzzle Game


Shapely is a nice online puzzle game with some RPG aspects by King Dot com.

Object of Shapely is to move the colored blocks around to copy the shape patterns shown on the right. The RPG aspect is that you can buy new talents with the power points you earn. Shapely starts simple but becomes more difficult in the end. Happy Puzzling!


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