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5000 Free Printable Mazes


If your kids like to solve mazes than KrazyDad is the website for you. They offers you a huge collection of more than 5000 free printable mazes. The selection of mazes consist of :- 1,000 Easy Mazes- 1,000 Intermediate Mazes- 1,000 Challenging Mazes- 1,000 Tough Mazes- 1,000 Super Tough Mazes- 20 Animal Mazes

The mazes are suitable for printing in small batches. You are even allowed to reproduce the mazes for personal or school use.


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Penguin Puzzle Game


Penguin Puzzle is an nice online block moving puzzle game by Zylom.

Object of Penguin Puzzle is to make combinations of four ice cubes of the same color. When you see the bonus figure on the right, you will get an ice cube which has magic properties. Happy Puzzling!


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Mechanical Puzzles : Krystalledron, Cubedron and Icosedron


A new type of mechanical puzzles has been invented (and patented) by Greek-Australian Pantazis Constantine Houlis. Unlike traditional twisty puzzles (like Rubik’s cube), these are based on gravity. Pyramids are placed inside a sphere, and the sphere keeps the 3D-shape defined by the pyramids, intact. The goal is to shift around the pyramids until all the corners or the sides of the 3D-shape have the same color.

This is one of a series of puzzles which were presented at the Hong Kong Toy Fair (January 2009) and the Nuremberg Toy Fair (February 2009), and had impressed many people. This [Read More...]

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3D Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Madera


A few days ago I was in Madrid (Spain) for business and while at train station Atocha I passed a small shop called Superskunk.

Inside I found a simple but nice looking puzzle called Puzzle Madera. It’s a 3D wooden pyramid puzzle with only five pieces (four pieces are the same and one other wooden puzzle piece).

Object is to build a pyramid with these five wooden puzzle pieces which is pretty simple. But anyway a nice puzzle for the collection. Happy Puzzling!


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Strip Sudoku


Strip Sudoku is yet another Sudoku variant by ThePhoenix and has nothing to do with the Poker version with the same name.

Just fill each square in this grid with a digit from 1 to 9 so that, as in a standard Sudoku, no digit is repeated in any row, column, or 3×3 box (as marked off by shading in the grid). Each three-square strip (marked by heavy black lines) contains an S, M, and L-marked square, which stand for small, medium, and large. The S will be the smallest of the three digits in its strip, [Read More...]

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Chromatica – Online Puzzle Game


Chromatica has been created by Mark Klocek and Mark also pointed this game out to me (Thanks!).

Remove shapes by placing 4 or more of them in a diagonal or vertical row. Shapes can be moved to any location as long as they have a clear path. When a shape is selected, places it can be moved to are highlighted in white.

Obtain dual shapes by creating a line of 5 or more.Obtain additional bonus shapes by getting lines of 6 or more. All bonus shapes act as Jokers. The bomb removes all shapes of the same type. [Read More...]

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Cursor Chaos – Online Puzzle Game


Cursor Chaos is an addictive puzzle game by with a nice level twist

There are in total 42 mini-game levels to solve with only one try per level. You only need to use the cursor keys and space bar keys to play Cursor Chaos.

Object is to solve all 42 levels in the fastest possible time in order to get onto the leader-board. For each level you fail will add a 20 second penalty. Happy Puzzling!


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