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Crawlian – Online Puzzle Game


Crawlian is Bloxorz variant by Square Enix. Although the game is in Japanese it’s very easy to start the game.

Just like Bloxorz also Crawlian involves a rotating block in a game grid. Every square you touch with the rotating block will be marked. Touch a the squares as fast as possible and when possible only once to reach the next level.

I think Crawlian is a great puzzle game (even better than Bloxorz) which challenge you puzzle skills to the maximum. Happy Puzzling!


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BlankOut – Online Math Puzzle Game


BlankOut are sometimes simple mathematical equation puzzles available via

The object of BlankOut puzzles is to fill in the blanks with the available numbers such that the mathematical equation holds true. When there are more empty spots than numbers in a Blankout puzzle this means that one or more of the numbers must be used more than once. New BlankOut puzzles added weekly. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills


Available from March 2009 is this (offically licensed by Rubik’s) Salt and Pepper mills. They are produced as a tribute to the world’s most addictive – and some would say annoying, puzzle. The iconic 80′s gadget is brought to life here as a kitchen condiment dispenser!

Each cube is exactly the same size as an authentic Rubik’s Cube – 2.24 inches cubed! Sit the mills down next to the real thing and you won’t be able to tell between them – only difference with these cubes is you can’t play them! The Rubik’s Cube mills are built around a durable [Read More...]

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OBLO – Didactic 3D Puzzle


OBLO is a didactic 3D puzzle designed by Marko Pavlovic.

OBLO is a 3D puzzle made of differently sized, shaped and colored spherical elements that need to be twisted against the central axis in order to disassemble and fully reassemble the toy. It consists of an outer round layer (the container), a lid and 10 removable pieces.

OBLO is a colored toy with three primary colors and one secondary color to appeal to its audience, children between the ages of two and five. Color is also used to emphasize the different layers lodged inside the toy.

In order to successfully [Read More...]

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Tidy Up – Online Puzzle Game


Tidy Up is another block moving puzzle game by

Object is to move boxes to a new place but when you start it looks like a mess. Now it’s up to you to tidy up this chaos. Proof in one hundred different levels your skills as a removal man. Happy Puzzling!


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Railway Engineer – Online Puzzle Game


Railway Engineer is a nice online puzzle game in which you need to plan ahead with all puzzle pieces given.

In Railway Engineer you have to help the little railway engineer building tracks for his toy locomotive.

Start laying rails in the right place before the train starts riding from the left to the right side of the game grid. You can replace misplaced rail track but be aware this takes some extra time you may not have. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s TouchCube


Next to Rubik’s 360 yet another Rubik’s puzzle will be released soon. This time it will be an electronic version of the world famous Rubik’s Cube that have sold nearly 350 million Cube over the last 25 years.

To create this high tech gadget an engineering team has been working on the Rubik’s TouchCube for over three years. Just swipe a finger across one of the squares and the lights will follow your moves, make an L-shape to turn the top face of the Cube a quarter turn. Rubik’s TouchCube’s motion-detecting accelerometer only recognizes moves made on the top side [Read More...]

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