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DUI – Online Puzzle Game


DUI Puzzle is a unique action online puzzle game from Chinese developing team S.I.T.T

DUI Puzzle is very simple looking game where you must destroy the object on the game screen by clicking the objects or drive the object in the desired position with the keyboard arrays.

If you don’t know how to complete the level, there’s mini help task on the top left corner of the game screen. Happy Puzzling!


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Spin-n-Match – Online Puzzle Game


Spin-n-Match is a challenging puzzle game by

Object is to rearrange a selection of bubbles on the left side of the game grid to match a given image on the right side.

With increasingly forty complex levels this game becomes a real brain teaser. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s Cube Handbag


YesStyle has a unique handbag for all female puzzle lovers, the Rubik’s Cube Handbag.

The Rubik cube-inspired handbag with metallic chain shows your cheeky side. and is made of black Polyurethane, easy to wipe clean and measures 15cm W x 15cm H x 15cm D?Handle: 12cm. Happy Puzzling! [via]

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Bling Bling Blaster – Online Puzzle Game


Bling Bling Blaster is yet another match three puzzle game, this time it’s has a pirate theme.

As every pirate needs bling bling your challenge in this game is to win all badges. You have to swap adjacent tiles to create sets of three or more of the same tiles. Walls cannot be swapped, however they can be removed with pickaxes or bombs. You can collect these when they are removed from the bottom. Pulsating items will change in walls, so clear them out in time. Play the bonus game to clear out lots of items [Read More...]

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Closure – Platform Puzzle Game


Closure a brilliant puzzle game presented as a platforme game.

The all-important unique device: if it isn’t lit up, it doesn’t exist. It’s an extremely smart idea. Orbs of light can be picked up and carried, or placed in moving devices, such that areas of the level are lit. If it can’t be seen, it isn’t there. So if there’s a wall in front of you, get past it by casting it into the shadows. Darkness is a tool.

New orb types appear later on, along with locked doors and keys, and various new tasks. But what [Read More...]

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Bubble Math Puzzle


Bubble Math Puzzle is an easy math puzzle game.

Object is is to make the three numbers on every line add up to the magic sum as mentioned at the top. Divide the magic sum by three and you will get the value that must be in the center in order to complete the puzzle.

Click on a bubble on the perimeter to swap it with the bubble in the center. A solid bubble indicates a valid number placement. Click on the Restart button for a new puzzle. Happy Puzzling

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Tylz – Magnetic Puzzle Game


Tylz Game is a is the intriguing magnetic color-matching puzzle game that’s fun for everyone.

Tylz! not only rhymes with smiles, it also creates smiles. Tylz is a magnetic color-matching puzzle game that comes with eighty all-different L-shaped magnetic tiles. The object of Tylz is to place a tile on the board so that it matches as many neighboring colors as possible. The more matches you make, the more points you score. As the game progresses the board becomes a mosaic of color with ever-greater challenges and ever greater opportunities to score. Tylze is for people aged [Read More...]

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