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NYT Crossword for BlackBerry


Now you can play the same crossword puzzles published daily in The New York Times (NYT) on your BlackBerry.

With NYT Crosswords Daily, you can play the same puzzles that are published in the NYT. Subscribers get the daily NYT crossword puzzles as well as other features including live leader boards for solving times. Also includes access to over 4,000 archived puzzles, up to 30 classic puzzles and the latest news headlines from

NYT Crosswords Daily is a subscription product. You will be charged US$ 2.99 per [Read More...]

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Maze Stopper 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Maze Stopper 2 is a simple looking online maze puzzle game by Flash Relax.

Object is lead your man to be the first in this maze by creating obstacles for your opponent in this maze running competition. You can help your man reach the flag first by placing obstacles for his opponent(s). A limited number of obstacles are available, but you can replenish it by picking up mana power up. Force your man or you opponents to pick up speed up or speed down power ups to your advantage. You can freeze time by pressing SPACE [Read More...]

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Sleepy Head – Online Cartoon Puzzle Game


Sleepy Head is an Online Cartoon Puzzle Game by SmartKit.

This simple looking puzzle game with just 16 puzzle pieces is a very hard online puzzle that requires lots of careful thought and deduction. To solve it you need to look careful at some subtle clues in each of the pictures. Happy Puzzling!

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[ PZZL ]


[ PZZL ] is a space for children designed by Arthur Rottier and PCS (“pieces”), a Joint-Strike-Force of Design, Manufacturing and Quality.

Children need space, noise and a lots of toys. [ PZZL ] is a mighty organizing tool to set some boundaries for your kids to their exploratory nature. [ PZZL ] clearly marks where the playground ends, and your living room begins.

Due to [ PZZL ]‘s sturdy construction and durability, it’s is a great way to mark the “kids at play” area in businesses, hospitals and so on. [ PZZL ] is made [Read More...]

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Brick Yard – Online Puzzle Game


Brick Yard should be called Brick Stacker 2 as it is the sequel to the original puzzle game Brick Stacker.

In this version you can choose from five game modes to play: same 80, random, rain, time and wacky. The infinite blocks mode has been removed in this version as this is a physics simulation.

Game play is easy, you can use the mouse to place the brick anywhere or the keys A and D rotate the brick, W and S scroll the screen. Press ESC to return to the main menu, R restarts, P makes the [Read More...]

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Grow RPG


Grow RPG is the second game of GROW and is RPG-nized, but you can’t control the brave man by yourself.

All you have to do is to decide his fate. That means, in short, the usual Grow. Drag the eight panels in your selected order. Items you drag will grow and grow with each turn.

You will complete the game when all panels’ level is max. They effect each other as they grow. So you have to think about the dragging order.

You can also read more about the third part of Grow called Grow [Read More...]

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The World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle in Lvov (Ukraine)


People of Lvov city in Ukraine decided to add a large attraction for the visitors of their city. An artistic project decided to place a giant 100 feet (30 meters) tall crossword puzzles at the wall of the one of a ten stories high apartment block.

One interesting detail about the design of the puzzle is that it looks like an empty crossword puzzle during the day-light, but at night when special lights are on the words in the crossword puzzle become visible with a lightly-glowing fluorescent color.

The questions for this crossword puzzle can be found at different [Read More...]

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