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Clever Clover – Onlie Puzzle Game


Clever Clover is yet another addictive puzzle game by Wild Snake.

Object of Clever Clover is to mow the clover field in this relaxed puzzle game. Use your mouse to click away clover bunches of at least three clovers of the same color and remove all energy tiles. There are 49 levels packed with action and challenging layouts to overcome. Happy Puzzling!


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Nonogram Puzzle Contest – Win Gemsweeper (Ended 11/30/2009)


Embark on a thrilling puzzle expedition in an ancient temple city. Your goal is to rebuild the timeworn ruins of El Dorado by solving a series of over 225 mind bending riddles. Gemsweeper combines fun puzzles, brilliant graphics and an engaging story into one unique, highly addictive game. Gemsweeper is easy to learn and does not require fast reflexes, but it will certainly put your brain to work.

The puzzles in Gemsweeper are made of 5×5 up to 30×30 tiles that are all faced down. Your job is to uncover gems which are hidden behind some of the [Read More...]

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Push – Online Puzzle Game


Push is yet another tribute to the classic transport puzzle game like many other Sokoban puzzle games.

Object is to pushes the boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and try to put them in designated locations. Push comes with 150 levels of puzzle pleasure (don’t get distracted by the ads between some of the levels.

Use the arrow keys and move the little guy around. Make him push the jewels into the concrete (grey) blocks. The guy can only push one jewel at a time and cannot pull the jewels. Happy Puzzling!


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Cubiq – Online 3D Puzzle Game


Cubiq is a little online 3D puzzle game by Coolbuddy.

Click the the cube to rotate each part of the maze and try to connect all lines to each other. You can move the cube around with the buttons on the bottom to see all sides. This games need some improvements like more levels and only one solution for each level. Nevertheless … Happy Puzzling!


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Color Sudoku – Board Game.


This game version of the classic logic game gives Sudoku a twist by swapping numbers for colors on a portable game board.

This sturdy all-wood game includes 81 wood marbles in nine colors. Puzzlers set up the initial board using one of the 104 starter scenarios (with five degrees of difficulty), then solve by filling in the empty spaces on the board so that no color is repeated in any row, column or square. Sudoku puzzles from any book or newspaper can be translated easily to the board and solved as well.

The Colors Sudoku [Read More...]

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Square 2 Ball – Online Maze Puzzle Game


Square 2 ball is a nice maze puzzle game by StyxTwo Productions.

Object of Square 2 Ball is to guide the blue ball towards the orange ball to complete each of the 35 levels. Use the keyboard arrows to move the blue ball around the game grid, and the mouse button on the blocks so that the ball can go through. But be careful, only visible blocks make the ball stop and the number of clicks you are allowed is specified at the top right hand side. Happy Puzzling!

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Word Blix – Online Word Puzzle Game


Word Blix is a word puzzle game presented by the online free dictionary website Dictionary Dot com.

Object of Word Blix is to form words from letter tiles arranged in a grid by selecting adjacent colored letters and press ‘Submit’ once you have formed your word. The aim of the game is to score as high as possible by forming as many words as you can within the time limit. Forming words with the same color letter tiles and longer words net [Read More...]

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